The dry period ended! (Recirculated post from ‘Hungary=Land of drought’)

Well! The second chance of rain was lost! On Thursday, the rain passed us last week either. The last time we had a rain shower was  13 days ago (the 17th of April) with a nice rainbow. (After 1 and a half week from the previous rainy day)(see this picture: Here are anticyclones following anticyclones, if they aren’t, there are cold and warm fronts and those Nothern winds blow out the humidity from the air. Well Today there were many thunderstorms in the West part of Droungary (Drought + Hungary put together) but these were far from enough. Good news is that Meteorologysts says there will be series of cyclones but I’m losing the hopes. The soil in our garden (and in the whole country as well) is getting seriously dry and dusty.


The dry period finally ended on 14th of May which began in the beginning of April. There was continuous rain in the morning.  There was a very small rain a day ago as well. Fortunetely meteorologists didn’t say whether a hot sunny and windy period would come in the next 15 days.


Névjegy csengeri
I love thunderstorms, lightning photography, interested in physics, paranormal things (ghosts), I like simulating explosions, clouds and smokes on computer. I like watching and making videos and upload them to Youtube. -------------------------- Szeretem a viharokat, villámokat fotózni, érdekel a fizika, parajelenségek (szellemek), szeretek robbanásokat, felhőket és füstöt utánozni a számítógépen. Szeretek videókat nézni és készíteni, feltölteni azokat a Youtube-ra.

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