Is the Global Climate Change or the American and the Chinese Air Force making drought for us?

The drought which began in the beginning of April (around 10th of April or a few days earlier) and the cyclones-anticyclones following each other in weeks didn’t stop. There was no rain in Hungary and its neighbourhood except those thunderstorms above the lucky areas.
Well, global warming is strongly suspected to be a propaganda but the main reason may be the American or the Chinese air force who dissolve rainclouds above holiday areas in every weekend.

Watch this video and read the decription:

Well what proves that they make this whole Globall Awareness thing?

Between Western and Trade winds there are the low-pressure continental areas where most people live in the world (see the illustration:

These areas ordered in a line, which is normally at 60th North and 60th South lattitudes.

Nowadays the atmosphere is disturbed: The winds blow in a strength that makes this line becoming very very whirly. These whirls are those enormous cyclones and the anti-whirl is the anticyclone. And they follow each other repeatedly. Exactly one cyclone and one anticyclone a week.

A week is obviously a human-made time period and it has 7 days. Only excuse for humans that the Moon’s orbit time is 28 days which is 7 days multiplied by an integer number (4). But why would the new moon – first quarter moon – full moon – third quarter moon the cause? It was not a cause before the last century!!! Which cause remains? The humanity!!!

The goverments of these countries with their unfair knowledge about the fluid science who didn’t stop the global climate change for us!


Névjegy csengeri
I love thunderstorms, lightning photography, interested in physics, paranormal things (ghosts), I like simulating explosions, clouds and smokes on computer. I like watching and making videos and upload them to Youtube. -------------------------- Szeretem a viharokat, villámokat fotózni, érdekel a fizika, parajelenségek (szellemek), szeretek robbanásokat, felhőket és füstöt utánozni a számítógépen. Szeretek videókat nézni és készíteni, feltölteni azokat a Youtube-ra.

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