My computer went wrong on last Sunday!

My computer became extremely slow on last Sunday! I have to wait for 10 minutes for the Windows to appear. The Windows is a bit fast but I afraid of installing all the softwares on the computer!

At the first startup, the Windows didn’t load and black screen appeared and the computer wouldn’t answer any more. I changed my winchester, switched one of them off, it worked, than switched the another, didn’t work.

At first: I suspected the winchester is wrong! But the problem is more complex. I realized that the computer works but it does VERY SLOWLY until the Windows loads! I will bring this machine to the service so I probably won’t be able to be on Youtube (and on MSN) in the next days! I saved most important data from my computer to DVDs.

Another important thing is that I cleaned my computer on Saturday but (although opening up the computer tower and cleaning it by a brush could cause damage in a bad case) !!I switched it on and surfed on the net, visited Youtube, and and I was on MSN too!! and there was nothing wrong with the computer, it didn’t get slower just before switching it off. On Sunday morning the error appeared immediately!

If the processor was wrong, the computer even wouldn’t show the first letter on the monitor. I tested the RAM and there weren’t problems with it! Both of the winchesters cannot be wrong because I could manage to move my data and write them to DVDs. The video card is also good, because I could type this text (I could see the monitor). If there was a virus…well the experts say, people CAN WRITE BIOS-damaging viruses, but these kind of viruses works in the following way:

There are lots of transistors in your computer. These viruses make transistors upset (they overheat them) and destroy them slowly. This kind of viruses provides the following symptoms to the computer: your computer is going to get slower and slower and freeze in the end.

Well I want to mention once again:

It DIDN’T GET slower even just before switching it off.

So the last one which I didn’t mention is the motherboard (it is about 10 years old) and I BET that it will work fine after replacing it with a good and compatible one.

Refreshed: The IDE controller went wrong! The IDE channel zero changed to PIO mode, the second one is still working fastly. Due to the fact this computer is very old, I bought more USB devices instead of new winchesters.


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I love thunderstorms, lightning photography, interested in physics, paranormal things (ghosts), I like simulating explosions, clouds and smokes on computer. I like watching and making videos and upload them to Youtube. -------------------------- Szeretem a viharokat, villámokat fotózni, érdekel a fizika, parajelenségek (szellemek), szeretek robbanásokat, felhőket és füstöt utánozni a számítógépen. Szeretek videókat nézni és készíteni, feltölteni azokat a Youtube-ra.

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